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Office Furniture: Laminate And Veneers

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose between two certain types of furniture for your office laminated and veneered. Modern laminates are durable and come in many designs, but lack the finesse and warmth of real wood. Veneers are sheets of real higher quality wood of varying thickness. Furniture made of cheaper wood or plywood can look rich and charming with the application of veneers.

Choosing between veneers and laminates can be quite tricky if you dont know what makes them apart.

Mary Sargeant from National Business Furniture has quite a few tips in case it confounds you: Veneer or Laminate?

Years ago, in a much different environment, than I work in now, a coworker said, We spend more time with each other at work than we do with our families Im glad I like you guys. How true, I thought. I still think so today, in my corporate office environment. Unless you work with your spouse or teach in the school that your children attend, it is likely that you spend more waking hours in close contact with coworkers than with your family.

Same goes for your office furniture. Even if you sit in the same spot on the couch at home to put your socks on in the morning and watch a show or two before the news at night, you still cant top the number of hours you sit in your office chair or use your desk or filing cabinet.

At your workplace, if you are a decision-maker or influencer concerning office furniture purchases, there is a lot to consider when you make the leap to new furniture. Youll be using it every day for years to come, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and functional for the long haul. Not to mention durable. I mean, even the graceful among us occasionally slam a drawer or roll their chair on the edge of their desk once in a while, right? I do tend to use my chair as a transportation device. Watch out if you happen to be in its trajectory.

Most of the choices in wood or wood-construction case goods and desks come in veneers or laminates. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a solid wood desk (at a price most any of us could afford) these days. Despite its gorgeousness, solid wood can warp or crack more easily than veneered counterparts. Check out this blog post by a Portland, Oregon furniture restorer who compares solid wood and veneer:

Here are some facts about veneers and laminates that might help you choose. If you have already been doing a little desk shopping, youll know that veneers tend to be more expensive than laminates. heres why:

Wood veneers Wood veneers are thin slices of hardwood, which are then bonded to a less expensive wood, like birch, or a wood composite like plywood, particle board or medium density fiber board. There are marvelous things manufacturers can do with veneers, giving a beautiful appearance to furniture. Depending upon their thickness, veneers can be sanded and refinished.

Laminates Laminates are printed surfaces (often made to look like wood), reproduced on tough paper, plastic or foil, and bonded to a composite base. The look is simpleā€¦ there are no carved edges or detailingā€¦ and that usually translates into savings. High-pressure laminates are molded and cured at 1,200 to 2,000 lbs. per square foot, resulting in a very smooth, tough and durable surface.

Making choices Knowing the differences between furniture materials wont necessarily help you choose between them. Some thin veneers will curl away from their core while good laminates stay firmly in place for years. There is a range of design, quality materials and craftsmanship within each of the material types. It can really pay off to look around, see what you like, and then investigate options in your personal range of design, craftsmanship and price.

Hope, your doubts are cleared. Whenever youre ready to make a purchase, take a look at our collection for the best prices on all office furniture items in & around Orlando, Fl: Vision Office Interiors


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